LP-X Series Consoles

LP-X Series Consoles

The Leprecon LP-X Series DMX console is designed for controlling moving light and conventional dimmer control for stage, event, production, and houses of worship lighting. The X24 or X48 desk supports a touch screen monitor for easy programming and user interface.

Features include:
- LP-X24 with 512 DMX channels
- LP-X48 with 1024 DMX channels
- Built-in fixture library
- 20 pages of preset playbacks
- Color, Beam, Intensity & Focus control w/ individual fade times
- Effects Generator
- Cue Stack memories with hold and fade times
- VGA output
- PS2 connections for keyboard and mouse
- Two dimmable Littlite® brand work lamps

2nd monitor not available.

January 2015 - no longer available. Replaced with XC-350

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Offline Editor
Feature set matching V4 release

Instructions for offline editor
Installation and use notes

**Latest Release V4 Software**
Note: You MUST reload the Library AFTER loading V4 software! All fixtures in the Library will be lost!

Fixture library for V4 software
Fixture library for V4 software

LP-X Library Instrument List
List of fixtures in V4 library

LP-X24 Software V4.01.11
Support for LED fixtures with no dimming channel. Requires latest library.

LP-X48 Software V4.01.11
Support for LED fixtures with no dimming channel. Requires latest library.

**LPX Series Operations Manual & Tech Notes**

21-2085V3.2 LP-X Series Manual v3.2

21-2085V3.2 Addendum LP-X48 Manual Addendum

LP-X48 Video Quick Start Instructions

21-2204A LP-X24 Manual Video Addendum

Bulletin 141 Tech Bulletin - Fail to Initialize Error

Bulletin 144 Tech Bulletin - Page Select Switch

**LP-X Series Parts List & Schematics**

ELO 1529 Touchscreen Mechanical

LP-X24 Parts List

30-7002B LP-X Display Board Schematic

30-7004C LP-X Fader Board Schematic

30-7003A LP-X Master Board Schematic

30-7005A LP-X Processor Pre-Video Schematic

30-7009B LP-X Processor with Video Schematic

30-7010B LP-X48 Fader Board Schematic

LP-X24 Video Upgrade Instructions

**Software Archive** for LP-X Series Operating Software Releases
Software is distributed in .zip format. Extract files to a formatted floppy disk for installation into the LP-X controller. Note: Make sure that you are downloading and installing the correct software!

40-07-0712 LP-X24 v3.3.3 Software
Version 3.3.3 Software, Lib101

40-07-0752 LP-X48 v3.3.3 Software
Version 3.3.3 Software, Lib101

V3 Library Only
Lib109B, for all versions

V3 Software Upgrade Instructions

LPX-24 Software Version 4.1.8
Retro software release for special use only

LPX-48 software release V4.1.8
Retro software release for special use only

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