The AI-512 Architectural Interface will enable aris wall panels to work with Leprecon MX and VX series or any DMX-512 controlled dimming installation systems.

The AI-512 software is designed to be easily configured and programmed via a web browser, requiring no additional software. DMX snapshots for fast programming, the ability to merge DMX data with the control console, and a real time status display for set up and configuration are just some of the features users will come to appreciate.

Architectural Interface Hardware
• Standard Rack Mount Chassis
• DMX In and Out with Data Merge
• Ethernet Connection for Programming
• USB Port for Show File Storage
• Two RJ Sockets for Wall Panel Connections
• Compatible with all Leprecon Architectural Panels
• Compact Flash Based - No Hard Drive
• High Capacity Power Supply for Panel Set

Architectural Interface Software
• Uses Web Browser for Scene Programming - No Special Software
• DMX Snapshots for Fast Programming
• Merges with Desk DMX Data
• Live and Blind Record Modes
• Real-Time Status Display for Setup and Configuration

System Capability
• Up to 8 Distinct Rooms
• Up to 12 Panels Per Room
• Playback Controlled by Faders or Buttons
• Console Faders Can be Mapped as Playbacks for Seamless Control
• Up to 512 Channels of Playbacks
• Simple Setup, No Limits on Control Possibilities

Optional AI-512 Wall mount interface unit is no longer available - Nov 2017.

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