aris™ Wall Panels for AI-512

The aris™ programmable architectural lighting control wall panels offer a flexible modular design to fit your specific needs. Used in combination with the Leprecon AI-512 architectural interface and DMX512 controlled dimming systems, you have complete control of your lighting system at your fingertips.

Choose from programmable preset button panels, fader panels, lock-out panels, or combination panels.


- Flexible modular design
- Low profile faders and buttons
- Output Level LED indicators
- Up to 96 total zones
- Keyswitch priority lockout
- Supports 8 rooms with 12 presets each
- RJ45 connectors for easy installation
- CAT5 cable inter-connect

March 2018 - LHS-3F, LHS-3P/3F and LHS-3P/3F with Lockout are no longer available.

*****Product notification**
March 2019, The AI512 (aka: aris) is no longer available

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