VX Permanent Install Rack

VX Permanent Install Rack

UL listed Installation racks from Leprecon®
- 12 channel to 96 channel dimming systems
- VX-2400 series dimmers

Please call the factory at 810-852-4300, FAX us at 810-231-1631, or e-mail us with your specifications.

*****Product notification**
Jan 2019 - All VX-2400 Rack Dimmers are no longer available

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21-2119E VX / MX Dimmer Manual

30-1107C VX Series Dimmer Control Card Schematic

30-1105E VX Series Dimmer Power Module Schematic

MX Series Dimmer Power Module Schematic

30-1108B VX / MX Series Dimmer Breakout Board Schematic

VX Series Non-Dim Setting Instructions

VX and MX permanent rack installation guide

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