LP-1600 Control Consoles

LP-1600 Control Consoles

The Leprecon LP-1600 Series offer the ease of a manual console with the sophistication of a memory console. Available with 24/48 or 36/72 faders, this series will store up to 432 fader presets. Cue stack allows up to 288 with point cues with crossfader and “Go Button” with up/down fade times. Chase memory includes four programmed and seven programmable patterns of up to 20 steps. Proportional patch, MIDI input, and DMX outputs are standard features.

Consoles ship with Littlite work lamp(s).

Protect your console with a vinyl dust cover.
24/48 channel cover order # 25-0066
36/72 channel cover order # 25-0067

**Product notification**
1/2015 - All LP1600 series consoles are no longer available. Replaced with LPC Series Consoles.

3/2014 - LP-1648/96 console is no longer available.

4/2009 - All Plus models with VGA & 3.5 inch disk drive are no longer available.
Please make a note that the following model numbers have been discontinued:

Part #..........Model/description
90-15-1603.....LP-1600-24/48 with VGA & 3.5 inch disk drive
90-15-1607.....LP-1600-37/72 with VGA & 3.5 inch disk drive
90-15-1611.....LP-1600-48/96 with VGA & 3.5 inch disk drive

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21-1601F LP-1600 Series Users Manual

30-1502D LP-1600 Series Master Board Schematic

30-1509E LP-1600 Series Processor Board Schematic

30-1503C LP-1600 Series Fader Board Schematic

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2018 Bump Cap Replacement Instructions

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