Watson Relay-Switched Power Management

Watson Relay-Switched Power Management

The increasing use of LED based fixtures for theatrical and entertainment lighting requires new techniques for delivering DMX data and relay-switched power to the fixtures. Leprecon 'Watson' Power Management devices provide a simple and compact solution for installing, powering and controlling electronic fixtures.

- Uses DMX control to sequence power on/off
- Saves power, reduces energy use, extends fixture life
- Easy 'Reset' control for fixtures that need power cycling
- Buffered & isolated DMX output to isolate fixture electronics from power grid

Models include:
• 15A single pole relay with 15A breaker for 110V equipment
• 20A 2- pole relay for operating 120V & 208V equipment
• Wireless DMX option available

Ideal for small to mid-size theatres, school auditoriums, houses of worship or other venues using electronic fixtures.

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Watson W-6RD Raceway Diagram
Watson Raceway diagram

28-0376A Watson Power Management Datasheet
Watson Series Datasheet

21-1050C Watson Installation and User's Manual
Installation and User's Manual

20-4117R1 Mounting Bracket Diagram for W-1D & W-1PC
W-1D & W-1PC Mounting bracket drawing

20-4112R3 Mounting Bracket Diagram for W-6D
W-6D Mounting bracket drawing

20-8022A Mounting Bracket Diagram for W-6RD (Raceway)
W-6RD (Raceway) Mounting bracket drawing

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