VX-Series II 12 Channel Dimmer Packs

VX-Series II 12 Channel Dimmer Packs

The VX Series II digital dimmers follow up on the success of our LD-2400 Series analog dimmers, which have been established as industry leaders. VX Series II dimmers can be found “on the road” touring with major acts and in prominent theater installations throughout the world. Solid design and construction assure that they will handle the most demanding conditions on the road and be perfectly at home in any theatrical installation.

*Dimmers now available with 6 or 12 Relay Modules - contact sales for more details*

Features include:
DMX control input
Single phase/three phase field switchable on ULX, SLX, and SPX models

Load panel options:
ULX - U Ground outlets, 2 per channel, UL
SLX - 20 amp stage pin connectors, 2 per channel, UL
TLX - Three phase terminal strip, UR
TLX-1 - Single phase terminal strip, UR
PLX - Three phase patchbay powerlock w/4 powerlock connectors per channel, UR
PLX-1 - Single phase patchbay powerlock w/4 powerlock connectors per channel, UR
SPX - 4/19 pin Socapex w/4 powerlock patch connectors per channel

Analog control input in now an option that is available upon request.
VX-1200 dimmers are no longer available.

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VX Series Non-Dim Programming Instructions
Programming Non-Dim Settings on VX dimmers

VX Series I Control Card Overtemp Mod

VX Series I Control Card Overtemp Mod

21-2119 Rev F VX Series Dimmer Manual

30-1107C VX Series Dimmer Control Card Schematic

30-1105E VX Series Dimmer Power Module Schematic

30-1108B MX/VX Series Dimmer Breakout Board Schematic

9083021B Socapex 6 Circuit Wiring Diagram

VX Series I Control Card Overtemp Mod

Spare Parts List - VX with ULX

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